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Towaliga Recovery Center 

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Treatment Groups Offered


Substance Abuse

Smoking Cessation
6 weeks 
Group support to help individuals quit cigarette smoking, including reasons to quit, steps to quit, tips on handling cravings, medications that can help, and what to do if you slip.  FREE

The Substance Abuse Evaluation is used to identify alcohol and drug abusers and differentiate them from social drinkers and general psychiatric clients. Screening tools used varies based on the client’s history of alcohol or substance use. The aim of screening is to identify as many potential or actual abusers as early in their use or abuse history as possible so appropriate intervention services can be provided. Individuals are screened to identify the potential presence of an alcohol- or drug-related problem, while the assessment stage takes the process a step further and confirms the existence of a problem, identifies the nature of the problem(s), and suggests appropriate avenues of treatment.


Substance Abuse/ Relapse Prevention Education

24 weeks $25 per week

Utilizing the Matrix curriculum we integrate a 24 week program to treat the addiction to and abuse of alcohol and other drugs. 

Anger Management Group

8-12 weeks $25.00 week + Book Fee

SAMHSA approved anger management group treatment curriculum designed for substance abuse and mental health clients. It provides individuals participating in the 12-week anger management group treatment with a summary of core concepts that will help individuals develop the skills that are necessary to successfully manage anger. 


Active Parenting Group

6 weeks   $25.00 week + Book Fee

Active Parenting Now training material is designed to teach individuals a method of parenting and problem solving that will help them prepare their children to courageously meet the challenges life will pose. And it will help build relationships that bring joy and satisfaction for a lifetime.  



Drug Screening

One time or random screening

A one-time 9 panel drug screen is $25.00. Instant results are available and confirmed results are provided within 5 business days. All drug screens are monitored by same sex lab technician. Random drug screening is twice a week. Individuals are assigned a color and will call the screening line each evening to learn if their color has been randomly chosen to screen the next day. 

Random monitoring $50.00 week—2 screens


Child Support Class

8 weeks $25 per week + Book fee

MRT treatment curriculum designed for individuals who have failed to maintain child/family support payments