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  • Mission

    The mission of the Towaliga Accountability Courts is determined to reduce the rates of substance abuse and drug related criminal activity by providing intensive supervision, substance abuse treatment, judicial guidance, and case management services for individual’s dependent on alcohol and/or addictive substances and may have co-occurring disorders. 



    The goals of TAC are:

    • To assist participants in becoming abstinent and maintaining sobriety;
    • To reduce recidivism among participants;
    • To improve the quality of life of participants and their families through vocational training and substance abuse education, connecting them with ancillary services; and
    • To improve public safety by reducing the crime rate in our community.


    Target Population

    2015 statistics, according to for counties in the Towaliga Judicial Circuit:

                      Population        Tier         Poverty Rates   Unemployment Rates

    Lamar              17,000               1              21.3%                           7.4%

    Butts                24,368               2               21.3%                           6.1%

    Monroe           25,051                2               14.8%                           5.5%


    Currently, Georgia’s unemployment rate is about 5.4%.  US unemployment rate is 4.9%.  



  • Drug addiction follows poverty and unemployment and with it comes issues for mental illness and the identification of veterans in need of treatment.


  • Facts on Substance Abuse and Costs of Incarceration

    ·        According to a report by the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, an average of about 80% of all offenders in federal, state or local jails or prisons are substance-involved inmates.

    ·        In 2012, the average incarceration cost for Georgia was $21,039 per inmate per year--$57.64 per day.

    ·        Incarceration for illegal drugs cost more than $51 billion annually.

    Department of Corrections 2015 reported those released from prison back to their home county:


    Lamar County - 30 males and 3 females with a total of 33.

    Butts County - 41 males and 3 females with a total of 44.

    Monroe County - 50 males and 5 females with a total of 55. 


    That is a total of 132 individuals who were released in the Towaliga Circuit alone.


    A recent National Center for Addiction and Substance Abuse report found that only 11% of all inmates with substance abuse and addiction disorders receive any treatment during their incarceration. That means that out of those 132 people released within the Towaliga Circuit, only about 14 of those people would have received proper treatment (118 receiving no treatment.)



    Cost-effectiveness of Drug Courts


    According to Bhati et. al (2008) Drug Courts produce an average of $2.21 in direct benefits to the criminal justice system for every $1 invested. When Drug Courts target their services to the more serious, higher-risk drug offenders, the average return on investment was determined to be even higher: $3.36 for every $1 invested. 


    When other indirect cost-offsets to the community were also taken into account—such as savings from reduced victimization and healthcare service utilization —studies have reported economic benefits ranging up to $27 for every $1 invested.


    Drug Courts produce cost savings ranging from $3,000 to $13,000 per client. These cost savings reflect reduced prison costs, reduced revolving-door arrests and trials, and reduced victimization.

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